Mercy Monday

There’s an absolutely legit reason why people hate Mondays. Especially news producers. You’re coming in fresh off the weekend into your weekly work reset day.

..when you have to quickly change gears and get back to business.

The thing is, you and the rest of the world are too so that means sometimes you have shitty content available or none at all.. but not today.

Today, was one of those merciful Mondays.

There wasn’t what my boss call “manna from Heaven” in terms of content, but there was content… and .. well, that’s a start.

So let’ts review…


-I proudly revealed I was studying to be an astrologer to the control room. I was met with awkward silence.

-I loved that I was met with awkward silence. I don’t know why I had an appreciation for it, but I did.

-We had live shots today with a NBC reporter at The Voice finale. Of course, there was a certain hit time window, you had to hit to get the shot before it could be passed to another station….I remembered how I used to have mini anxiety attacks thinking I couldn’t handle a live shot. Like seriously, my stomach would get all queasy.. but now? No more…

-There was a passionate, intense debate in the control room about whether someone could really be born gay or not during the 5:30 show.